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Confidence Sustainability Program for WILD Women - From Unsure to Fully Empowered

If you’re here, you are familiar with the WILD Woman and are ready to fully step into your own WILD and live an empowered life designed by you.

Now that you’ve attended The Confident WILD Woman, you are ready to take your confidence game to the next level.


If you were unable to attend, here’s the Blog Post on building confidence and living a WILD Woman life.


Here’s Where We Left Off

  • You learned a new definition of confidence

  • You learned practical strategies to transform the inner critic to inner soother

  • You created a plan for confidence boosting

I want to help you expand on what you’ve learned and take your confidence to the next level so that you can effortlessly tackle new challenges and overcome any obstacles that come your way.


I want to help you to step fully into your WILD and connect to the power within you so that you can unleash your true potential and live a life of authenticity, fulfillment, and purpose. 


I want to support you in liberating yourself from past narratives of inadequacy so that you can more consciously and intentionally shape this next chapter of life to your own desires and priorities.


How Does it Work? 

This will be a hybrid program which means we will meet live on zoom every other week from 10am to 11:15 am PT and in between I’ll send you a video to watch. The exact dates of our LIVE calls are as follows:

January 18th  

February 1st

February 15th

February 29th

March 14th

March 28th

April 4th

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Let me walk you through the path of the Confidence Sustainability Program for WILD Women and how it can support you in feeling empowered and living the life you want. 


Week 1 - Getting Clarity and Setting Intentions

The focus of this initial module will be to spend time reviewing the program and its structure, getting to know each other a bit, and clarifying the vision of what

confidence looks like for you and support you in setting intentions with that.​

  • Getting to know participants

  • Discover group program structure

  • Get Clarity and set intention

  • Introduction of video about confidence vs. self-doubt

Week 2 - Video: Confidence vs. Self-Doubt

You will be provided with a video that delves into the roots of self-doubt, along with a comprehensive redefinition of confidence. Additionally, you will receive a WILD Woman Confidence Assessment, along with a WILD Woman Confidence Boosting Worksheet designed to help you begin to strengthen your self-confidence.

  • Short video on confidence vs. self-doubt

  • Assess your confidence level with your WILD Woman Confidence Assessment

  • WILD Woman Confidence Boosting Worksheet to begin to strengthen your self-confidence

Week 3 - Common Obstacles for Women

We will review the most common obstacles for women and how these interfere in feeling confident and empowered. You will identify your most common obstacle and learn practical WILD Woman strategies to overcome it

  • Review of common obstacles for women

  • Personalized strategies for overcoming obstacles

  • Introduction of video about why we have negative thoughts


Week 4 – Video: Why do we have negative thoughts?

You will receive a video that presents a concise and easily comprehensible explanation of why we grapple with negative thoughts. Hint: It’s not you or a reflection of your character but rather a function of your brain! Additionally, you will be provided with a Negative Nugget Identifying Worksheet to gain a deeper understanding of the particular thoughts that hinder your progress.


  • Clear and easy explanation about why humans grapple with negative thoughts

  • Myths (It’s me) vs. Science (It’s your brain)

  • Negative Nugget Identifying worksheet to help you identify what specific thoughts get in your way

Week 5 – What’s with the Inner Critic?

We will delve further into a deeper exploration of the Inner Critic phenomenon. Our focus will be on understanding the root causes behind its presence and examining proven techniques grounded in scientific research to effectively quiet this harmful inner voice.


  • Deeper look at the roots of the Inner Critic

  • Learn why it occurs (even though you will it to stop!)

  • Examine science-based strategies to quiet negative inner chatter

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Week 6 – Video: Importance of Knowing Your Strengths  

You will be provided with a WILD Woman Strengths Assessment along with a video that emphasizes the significance of understanding and appreciating your own positive attributes.

  • Assess your WILD Woman strengths

  • Get to know your superpowers!

  • Understand significance of appreciating your strengths

Week 7 – Developing Your Inner Soother

We will discuss the importance of developing and strengthening The Inner Soother so that you can feel more empowered and fortified to manage life. You will acquire the skills to cultivate your inner soother that provides you with support, comfort, and unwavering confidence as you navigate life's challenges and journey forward. 

  • Discuss importance of developing Inner Soother

  • Acquire skills to cultivate Inner Soother

  • Develop unwavering confidence with the support of the Inner Soother


Week 8 – Video: Boundary setting with confidence  

You will have access to an informative video that delves into the significance of establishing boundaries as a means to enhance your confidence. This video will not only emphasize the importance of boundary setting but also shed light on the common obstacles that may arise when trying to establish effective boundaries. You will  learn valuable strategies and insights to address these obstacles head-on and you will feel more equipped to navigate the process of boundary setting with greater confidence and success.

  • Boundaries as a way to strengthen confidence

  • Obstacles to setting effective boundaries

  • Feel more equipped to navigate boundary setting


Week 9 - WILD Woman Boundary Setting

Boundary setting is a big subject in personal growth and development. We will dedicate ample time to thoroughly explore the concept of WILD boundaries. This exploration will involve understanding why setting boundaries can be challenging for us, while equipping you with practical strategies to establish them in effective ways that foster a profound sense of empowerment. By delving into the nuances of WILD boundary setting, you will gain invaluable knowledge and tools to confidently navigate this vital aspect of feeling confident and empowered. 

  • Learn what WILD boundaries are

  • Understand why setting boundaries can be so hard

  • Take away practical strategies to set effective boundaries


Week 10 – Video – Introducing WILD Confidence Boosters

You will have access to an enlightening video that introduces the WILD Confidence Boosters. This video will not only emphasize the significance of self-acceptance in the process of building confidence but also provide you with practical strategies to cultivate a genuine sense of self-acceptance. By exploring the interplay between self-acceptance and confidence, you will be equipped with powerful tools to enhance your overall confidence and embark on a transformative journey towards personal empowerment.

  • Introduction to WILD Confidence Boosters

  • Learn the importance of self-acceptance for confidence building

  • Acquire powerful tools to boost self-confidence and feel more empowered

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Week 11 – WILD Confidence Boosters in Practice

We will embark on an in-depth exploration of effective science-based confidence boosters. Through a series of exercises and practical techniques, we will delve into the ways in which these boosters can be easily incorporated into your daily life. By immersing into these evidence-based strategies, you will gain a deep understanding of how to harness these confidence-building tools and integrate them into your routine, empowering you to

cultivate lasting confidence and self-assurance while unlocking your full potential.

  • Learn effective science-based confidence boosters

  • Easy to incorporate strategies

  • Cultivate lasting confidence

Week 12 - WILD Woman Confidence Sustainability Plan

In this final session our collaborative focus will be on helping you build your individualized WILD Woman Confidence Sustainability Plan. Together, we will develop a practical roadmap that empowers you to fortify and uphold your confidence in the long run so that you can live a life with more self-assurance, empowerment and WILD Woman Confidence as you progress on your journey of personal development.

  • Build your individualized WILD Woman Confidence Sustainability Plan

  • Personal roadmap to uphold and sustain your confidence

  • Live a WILD Woman Life!

*PLUS RECEIVE THIS BONUS: 1 hour individual coaching session with me (Value: $350) to be used within the 12 weeks of the program.


**All sessions will be recorded so if you need to miss a session, it’s not a problem. You can catch up later.

Throughout your program experience, you will have the invaluable opportunity to join a vibrant community of like-minded women who, like you, are determined to break free from limitations and embrace a transformative journey towards building unwavering confidence. By immersing yourself in this supportive environment, you will connect with individuals who share your aspirations and are ready to wholeheartedly embark on this empowering change. Together, you will inspire and uplift each other as you

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navigate the path towards enhanced self-assurance, so that you can approach life's challenges with greater ease and feel truly empowered in your life choices.


Let’s recap what you get when you join the Confidence Sustainability Program for WILD Women.

Topics proven to build confidence and quiet the negative voice:


  • Week 1 - Getting Clarity and Setting Intentions

  • Week 2 - Confidence vs. Self-Doubt

  • Week 3 - Common Obstacles for Women

  • Week 4 - Why do we have negative thoughts?

  • Week 5 - What’s with the Inner Critic?

  • Week 6 - Importance of Knowing Your Strengths  

  • Week 7 - Developing Your Inner Soother

  • Week 8 - Boundary setting with confidence  

  • Week 9 - WILD Woman Boundary Setting

  • Week 10 - Introducing WILD Confidence Boosters

  • Week 11 - WILD Confidence Boosters in Practice

  • Week 12 - WILD Woman Confidence Sustainability Plan


  • A *BONUS* one-hour individual coaching session to be utilized at any point during the 12-week duration of the program. This personalized session, valued at $350, will serve as an invaluable source of supplementary support and address specific concerns as you progress through the program. 

  • A community of women to support you in delving into each topic, more thoroughly unpacking its significance, and develop a richer understanding of the material so that you can apply the knowledge gained more effectively. 

  • Purposeful worksheets that will serve as invaluable tools that empower you to dive into your work more deeply and strengthen your skills so that you can take empowered action and see results.

  • You will be supplied with online videos that will be sent to you in between group meetings, ensuring continuity and accountability in your progress. By accessing these videos, you can stay connected to the program material and foster a sense of accountability and empowerment throughout your journey. 

  •  You will have the convenience of direct email accessibility to reach out to me for any additional support you may require throughout the program. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or seek further clarification, I am committed to being readily available via email to provide you with added support. 

  • Opportunities for ongoing learning by accessing additional resources, including books, articles, and personal development tools. These valuable resources will empower you to continue learning beyond the program so that you can further strengthen your WILD Woman confidence. 

  • Transformative tools such as creative expression, journaling, cognitive strategies, and science-based tools that offer transformation so that you can build confidence to its maximum level and empower you to thrive.

  • Compassionate guidance and committed accountability from me as we work together to achieve your goals.


The Confidence Sustainability Program for WILD Women is for you if...


  • You are ready to activate your confidence to WILD Woman level

  • You are DONE with negative chatter that holds you back

  • You are ready to tackle life’s challenges with more ease and less defeat


During our 12-week journey together, you will have the opportunity to step up your confidence and nurture a stronger sense of self, so that you can more skillfully navigate life's challenges with a deeper sense of empowerment. By embarking on this transformative experience, you will unlock the tools necessary to embrace life with renewed purpose and stronger connection to your inner power.

If you are ready to invest in yourself in this way and move past self-doubt once and for all then please schedule a 20 minute call so you can learn more about how this program can support you and if it’s indeed the right program for you.

The Confidence Activator Program for WILD Women - Investment is $995. 

*Payment plan options available.

If you're interested in learning more about this exciting small group program for WILD Women, Schedule a Chat with me so we can see if the The Confidence Sustainability Program for WILD Women is right for you!

Confidence Sustainability Program

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