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Did you know that mental health issues in your team or organization can affect your employees or group members’:

  • Productivity?

  • Morale?

  • Efficiency?

  • Communication?

  • Engagement with work?

  • Daily functioning and job performance?

  • Decision making?


Providing an environment that supports and encourages mental wellness can increase and improve your team members’ satisfaction and contentment, improve morale and engagement with work, increase efficiency and productivity, and in the end, increase your revenue.


Mental health and wellbeing continue to be a taboo subject that can be difficult to talk about in groups or organizations. This can create an environment of shame and negativity for anyone who might be experiencing a mental health challenge.


What is mental wellness?


Mental wellness can be categorized in the following ways:


  • The ability to manage stress

  • To cope with life’s challenges

  • To have awareness of emotions and be able to maintain emotional regulation

  • Cope with changes in roles, responsibilities, etc.

  • To thrive and flourish in your role


I offer programs and workshops aimed at helping teams understand mental health and wellbeing, teach strategies and tools that can be easily incorporated into the group environment, and create a mental wellbeing program that can sustain and support the group in prioritizing mental wellness.


Schedule a discover call with me and let’s chat about how I might be able to help your group or organization increase mental wellbeing practices and create a program that supports the mental wellbeing of your team.

Sign up today! This is a popular workshop that fills up quickly!

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