• Are you tired of establishing intentions only to watch them fizzle out at some point?

  • Are you ready to create a vision of your life designed entirely by you and for you?

  • Do you feel stuck in how to move forward in a different way this time?


Please join me for a FUN and creativity filled workshop for women who are ready for something more, something bigger. It's for women who are ready to live their lives out loud and on their terms, and who are DONE being stuck in one of these annoying cycles:

  1. Not starting at all but wishing you could and wondering why you can't? It must be you right? (I'll spare you the the suspense, it's not you.)

  2. Stuck in the "someday" dream phase.

  3. Stuck in the cycle of starting and then dropping it, resulting in the ever famous, “I suck!” cycle   of self deprecation.


But most importantly, it's for women who are ready to have some fun and be in community with other women who are working towards creating a vision for their  lives, and feel the support and encouragement of the group.


In this workshop you will:

  • Use the creative process to tap into your deepest heart based desire and create a vision for it.

  • Learn about common obstacles in executing our vision and how to overcome them. (It's not you, it's your obstacles!)

  • Learn how to sustain your vision by creating an active and realistic plan that empowers you to keep moving forward with your vision.


You will walk away with:

  • A deeper connection to yourself and a clearer visual of your life vision.

  • A more rooted sense of your value and worth.

  • A stronger awareness of your strengths, your accomplishments and all that is good about you.

  • Empowerment through taking responsibility for your life.

  • A design and vision of your life on your own terms.


Come join us for a day filled with deep connection to yourself, community and grounding support in the creation of your vision, and the vision of your life created the way you would like to be living it.



©2019 by Myriam Martinez