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Mental Health Consultation for 
Coaches, Clinicians and Healing Practitioners

Do you find yourself baffled by a client’s lack of progress?


Are you are struggling to understand what may be getting in your client’s way and how you can help move them forward?


Do you feel like you’re working harder than your clients or like you’re giving too much?

I can offer some relief and understanding as well as guidance and support.

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I help Coaches, Clinicians and Healing Practitioners learn how their client’s mental health experiences and history might be impacting or interfering with their progress.


Mental health and well-being have many complicated nuances. With nearly 20 years in the mental health field and intense training, I offer a wealth of knowledge about human behavior, mental health, neuroscience, and cognition/mindset challenges.


By understanding your client’s mental and emotional world, you will be better able to provide:

  • A safe and trauma informed environment in which your client can thrive

  • Understand boundaries necessary to keep you healthy and your client thriving

  • Best practices for your client’s mental and emotional well-being


Schedule a Chat with me to explore how I might be able to support you in offering programs that support your client’s mental well-being and keep your own mental well-being prioritized in your work with clients.

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