Hi, I’m Myriam and I am a Women's Personal Life Coach for professional, kick ass women in mid-life. My clients are go getters, driven, determined, high-achieving women who, although on the surface "having it all", still feel like something's off or missing, like there's an itch they can't scratch. The women I work with want, and know in their hearts that there's a better way, a more enriching, nourishing way, to experience life. They're tired of the cycle of stress, anxiety, guilt, perfectionism and overwhelm and are looking for a life with more ease, more enjoyment, more satisfaction. 


I absolutely THRIVE in helping women live the kind of lives they dream of living, and free themselves from  the oppressive cycles of stress and overwhelm that interfere in living a life lived in full color.

I myself have been stuck, allowing myself to be a passenger in my own life. Questioning where I was and experiencing that itch I couldn't quite scratch.   I get where you are. Like you, I got tired of waiting for something to be different and instead decided to go from being the passenger in my own life to getting into the driver’s seat! I want to do the same for you!

The women I work with have spent their whole lives doing the "right" thing and along the way I have lost sight of their dreams, their passions, the things that bring them joy.. My life’s passion is supporting women in breaking through their fears, tossing old, limiting beliefs out the window, and getting in the driver’s seat of their own lives. I want to help women know that they can, indeed, design their life in a way that brings more enjoyment, satisfaction and contentment. 



One of the things that makes me unique is that I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Women's Life Coach.

I bring with me all of my education, training and experience as a therapist to offer you a unique skill set that supports you in making the changes you want to make. I bring with me a deep and strong ability 

to understand your particular situation, a deep knowledge of what makes people "click" and thrive,

and tools to help move you forward that are based on your natural and unique strengths and gifts. 

Most life coaches do not have these unique tools and skill sets. 


I want women to know and understand to their core how very valuable and worthy they are. I want them to know their superpowers and to understand the value in sharing their gifts with the world. I dream for women to live lives that are fulfilling, rich and vibrant; to live in full, bright colors not in the grey dark cloud of defeating cycles.  As a woman who's gotten herself out of some dark cycles, I want to help you do the same.



I’ve always had a drive and curiosity to understand what makes people tick, what motivates people

to flourish and succeed. From my first psychology class in high school, I was hooked!

I loved learning about how we as humans grow, develop and thrive.

Initially, my curiosity about how we develop and learn as humans led me to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Human Development and become a preschool teacher. I loved creating engaging and motivating activities that helped children learn and grow confidently and approach life as an opportunity for endless possibilities. Oh the magic of that! Paradoxically, I also watched as their mommies grew more stressed, depleted, overwhelmed, and more unhappy in their daily lives.

As I watched moms struggle, my natural born drive to help others kicked in and it was only natural I dive into the field of psychology, first obtaining a Bachelor’s in Human Services, and finally, a double master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy. This led to me becoming a Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Art Therapist and spent many years working with children and families.


What I continually noticed in my work were the patterns that the women I worked with seemed to often end up in including feeling stressed and overwhelmed, anxious, like they weren't doing enough, etc and that is what launched me into becoming a  life coach and exclusively supporting women and their unique struggles. 

I bring over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of women overcome stress and anxiety, feel  more empowered in their lives, and reconnect to their inner wisdom and guide. I bring a keen sense of understanding about what motivates change but more importantly, what sustains it. 

Allow me the privilege of supporting you and helping you launch your life in whatever direction you want it to go!