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The Art of Slowing Down

WILD Woman Solutions to Living with Less Stress


How does slowing down and feeling less stress sound?

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May I be bold and say that:

  • you want to feel less stressed while accomplishing more

  • you're tired of always going and going and feeling overwhelmed

  • you feel like you're spinning your wheels and that stress is getting the best of you

  • you are a creative or creatively curious and want to learn an easy and fun way to beat stress and have more motivation

What gets in the way?

  • managing stress feels like another chore

  • not having enough time to practice stress management

  • beating stress feels impossible

  • believing art is for "real" artists or that it's for kids and how could it possibly help?



Art making has been proven to decrease stress and increase well-being. It is NOT about art ability or skill at all. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, is irrelevant. I myself am not a trained artist.


It is also not about the product and how "good" it is. It is about the process itself and how it alleviates stress and helps you slow down and be more present and calm. 

Since earliest human history we have been using art

to express ourselves. It is part of our human essence and experience to use art as a tool in our lives.

In this FUN and interactive virtual workshop  you will learn:​

  • strategies to slow your body down and experience more calm 

  • how moving at fast speeds actually interferes in your success

  • how WILD art making can help you regulate and decrease stress

Date to Be Announced Soon for this FUN 2-hour virtual workshop, The Art of Slowing Down!

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