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The A-R-T of Slowing Down

The A-R-T of Slowing Down
Using Art Making to Get Out of Survival Mode and Into Relaxation

Do you feel yourself going a mile a minute and wondering how to slow down?

Are you tired of always going, going, going and still feel like you’re not getting anything done?

Would you like to learn how art making can help S-L-O-W you down

and bring more ease into your life?

Art making has been proven to decrease stress and increase well-being. It is not about the product it’s about the process so whether you consider yourself an artist or not, the process of art making will help you learn how to slow down and start enjoying life’s masterpiece again.

In this FUN, 1 hour VIRTUAL interactive workshop  you will learn:

  • how moving at fast speeds actually interferes in your success

  • strategies to slow your body down and find calmness

  • how art making can help regulate your nervous system and decrease stress

Join me for this FUN 1 hour virtual workshop on Tuesday, August 31st at 9am PST. The cost of the workshop is $57 and will be value packed.

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ART of Slowing Down Workshop


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