Learning to Use the Power of Self-Love for Personal and Professional Success

  • Are you tired of negative inner chatter and self-criticism?

  • Fed up with feeling “not good enough”?

  • Worn out with perfectionism?

  • Interested in learning how Self-Lovin' can bring you personal and professional success?


One of the main obstacles to success for women in both their personal and professional lives is being hard on themselves. From being self-critical, and at times self-punishing, expecting too much of themselves,  not taking care of themselves, dismissing or minimizing their successes, and the list goes on and on.



In this 4 week coaching program, you will learn:


  • How the pattern of being hard on yourself interferes and creates stuckness.

  • What self-love and compassion is and isn’t.

  • Where the inner critic emerges from.

  • How to shift from self-criticism to self-love.


This program is for women just like YOU who are:

  • Tired of the cycle of self-criticism.

  • Fed up with feeling stuck in the same hamster wheel

  •  Ready to kick the inner critic to the curb

  • On a mission to empower themselves and live their best lives without the obstacle of self-criticism.


Join me for this transformational program that will move you from feeling

stuck and down on yourself, to thriving and loving yourself fully!


This program includes:


  • (4) 60 minute coaching sessions

  • Invitation to private FB group

  • Course materials and handouts

  • (1) Half-hour coaching session to be used during the 4 week period.

Group starts on:

Thursday, February 18th

from 4pm-5pm PST

The investment for this value packed

coaching program is $237. 

Sign up today for this transformational experience and learn how

self-lovin' can change your life too.

Investment is $237.


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