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Love Yourself Fiercely Event

What if you could love yourself enough to:

  • Prioritize your needs

  • Care for your whole self (mind, body, heart, spirit)

  • Be aware of yourself and respond with kindness

  • Exercise strong boundaries without guilt


What if you could tap into the power of fierce self-love and live in a confident and empowered way?

Join me on February 14th at 2pm PT for the Love Yourself Fiercely Event where we will dive into:

  • What fierce self-love is and isn’t

  • Caring for your whole self

  • How to respond to yourself with love

  • Exercising fierce boundaries rooted in self-love

Do you still doubt yourself?

Do you sometimes put yourself down or are hard on yourself?

Do you forget to prioritize your self-care?

Do you struggle with setting and upholding boundaries?

What would it look like if you loved yourself fiercely?

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This is a FREE workshop for women in midlife that are ready to feel the power of fierce self-love so that they can feel empowered and experience lifelong unwavering confidence.

Please join me on February 14th at 2pm PT for this free and empowering workshop designed to support you in growing and strengthening the power of fierce self-love.

Love Yourself Fiercely Event

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Join me and feel the power of fierce self-love!

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