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Bringing more kindness and empathy into the world


Helping you feel more confident and secure in your own skin and take charge of your life


Living with integrity and being authentic (this means I practice what I preach and walk my talk!)


Holding clients gently accountable while helping you get the results you’re looking for.


A deep, wholehearted passion for helping women feel empowered to take charge of their lives.


Myriam is a Psychotherapist turned Women’s Life
Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of the WILD
Women’s Creative Corner.


She has spent nearly 20 years working in the mental
health field, specializing in maternal mental health and
women’s issues. As her interest in reaching women grew,
she wanted to extend her services to women globally
and transitioned into life coaching.


In her years of working with women, she noticed a few consistent themes that interfered in her clients ability to feel successful and experience life enjoyment:


  • Self-doubt and battling the inner saboteur

  • Experiencing high stress and anxiety

  • Believing that they're not doing enough, that they’re somehow failing

  • Questioning their identity and purpose (Who am I? What is my purpose?)


The combination of her experience working with women, and her own experience and challenges as a woman, inspired Myriam to create a global movement that supports the importance of women’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being.


Myriam’s mission is to help women liberate and empower themselves by breaking down stories of inadequacy, connecting to their inner knowing and living a life with intention, and in doing so, opening themselves up to share their gifts with the world, step into leadership and help heal the planet. 


Myriam’s approach is gentle and compassionate. With her mama bear way of caring for her clients, she whole-heartedly holds them accountable for their vision and teaches them practical, easy to incorporate tools that empower them to live the lives they want to lead with more ease and less stress.  

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Hi, I’m Myriam and I am a recovering stress
ball and over do-er.


Over the years working with women, I listened
as high-achieving, successful executives,
business owners and entrepreneurs, struggled
with high stress and anxiety, self-doubt,
feeling like they weren’t enough or not doing
enough.  They struggled with basic self-care,
like eating, drinking water, and sleeping. 


They constantly put themselves and their desires aside and experienced guilt if they attended to their needs. They were tired, defeated, and uncertain about who they were, outside the roles they played in life: mother, executive, business owner, daughter, friend, partner. 


In my personal life, after my mom passed away a few years back, I recognized that she had also been a woman who had put her needs last and the needs of others first. When she died, it broke my heart to accept that my mom had lived a life in service of others, but never in service of herself. I vowed right then and there to help women overcome the feelings of guilt that often accompany self-care and learn the power of putting themselves first.


And by the way, I fell into the pattern of putting myself last, not making time for me, and ignoring my body’s basic needs.  Despite how progressive I thought I was, I was not immune to the conditioning. I got overwhelmed, irritable, and my health suffered. 


I became ill, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was tired. I wanted something different. I worked with my own helpers, including a coach and dug myself out and into living my life again on my terms.


All of these experiences drive my passion for helping women learn how to build confidence and experience success by learning to prioritize themselves, their gifts and desires. I am results driven and want nothing more than to see you achieve whatever you’re aiming for. 


I do my best work with women who are ready to commit to themselves, despite the fear, and are ready to dive into what’s underneath all of the behaviors that keep them down. 

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I incorporate many different approaches to help you move forward in the direction you want to go including:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Strategies

  • Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Journaling

  • Brainspotting

  • Creative Expression Process

  • Somatic Orientation


But, my main tools are listening to you and using my gift of intuition to tune into your specific needs. I also love to incorporate fun into your process and help you get out of your head and into your body so you can live more consciously and intentionally the way YOU want to live!


  • I am originally from Panama and immigrated to the US at a young age.

  • I am an Art Therapist and Stick Figure Artist.

  • I am a tree hugger and spend a lot of time in nature.

  • I love reading, listening to podcasts or anything else that contributes to my personal growth. 

  • I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and an Introvert

  • I love animals and my dog is my favorite human!

What people are saying:

Thanks to Myriam, I now live my life with confidence in my ability. I have decreased stress, strengthened my relationships, improved all aspects of my health and well-being, and now have greater clarity about how I want to lead my life.  Myriam is truly gifted and working with her will change your life.

- E.H.


Myriam guided me back to myself with compassion and gentle honesty. We shared, laughed, we cried, we cursed and then we laughed some more.   She helped me believe that I am strong, deserving and capable of anything.  I owe so much to her."



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