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About My Pricing

I come up with a price for a service, based on the tangible and the intangible value I provide.

The tangible value you get when working with me may look like this:

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  • Move from feeling stuck and unsure to flowing and empowered.

  • Gain confidence so that you can live life with more ease and less stress.

  • Learn science-based skills to manage the internal obstacles that get in your way.

  • Increase your sense of self and connect more deeply to your truest self.

As a result of the intangible value you get when working with me you will feel:

  • 100% supported in your vision

  • Less alone as you have a sounding board to bounce off your ideas, and help steer you in the right direction, while empowering you to make your own decisions and only do what feels good to YOU!

  • Held accountable and focused on your goals, in a gentle, fun spirited and compassionate way.

  • Coached in the BEING just as much as on the DOING

  • Empowered to bring more of YOU and stop playing small

  • Nourished by the kindness and empathy of our relationship

My Coaching rate is composed of and based on:

  • The time we spend together during our Zoom calls

  • The time I spend answering your questions in between

  • The cognitive energy I spend when thinking about you and how to best serve you outside of our coaching calls

  • All the resources and tools I'll share with you to help you feel empowered.

  • My over 20 years of training, education and experience as a mental health professional and advocate of whole-body wellness.

  • My deep and rooted commitment to you, your well-being and your vision. I want you to succeed!

My Pricing is not set in stone:

While I do believe in the value I provide and feel that I’ve come up with a price that displays that value, I’m also aware that everyone’s situation is different and I’m more than happy to have a human conversation about my fees in order to find a solution and compromise that works for both of us. 


So please see my price as indicative but don’t let that hold you back from contacting me. If I can arrange it, I also like to offer semi-private coaching as a budget-friendly alternative.

Still want to chat?

Great! I can’t wait! Please fill out the application form on this page. The reason I ask these questions is so that I can get some information on you and your business beforehand.


I look forward to hearing from you!



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