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  • Are you ready to shed the weight of self-criticism?

  • Do you want to burn off the cycle of stuckness and procrastination?

  • Are you ready to start a mental meal plan of self-love and learning to put yourself first?

One of the main obstacles for women in finding personal and professional success and fulfillment is self-criticism, that negative inner chatter that tells you there's something wrong with YOU.

Come and join me for my 4 week transformational group coaching program for women where you will walk away with:


  • Understanding how the cycle of stuckness is NOT your fault

  • Knowledge about how self-lovin’ practices contribute to your personal and professional success

  • Empowerment on how to use self-lovin’ to take charge of your life and create more ease and happiness.


This will be a FUN, interactive program that begins on Tuesday, May 11th at 2pm PST and will run for 4 weeks, ending on June 1st.

COST: $237



Thank you for registering for the Self-Lovin' Bootcamp Coaching Program

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