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Speaking & Podcast Interviews

Myriam Martinez is a Women’s Self-Leadership Coach, Creativity Mentor, Speaker & Trainer. She brings nearly 20 years’ experience in the mental health field as a licensed therapist and registered art therapist to her coaching work with women. Her work focuses on supporting women around issues of stress, self-inadequacy, & self-identity. She gently guides women on their path to self-discovery, building confidence and prioritizing their own needs.

My intention is for your listeners to walk away with helpful and practical tips and resources that they can easily and quickly implement that will help increase their mental well-being so they can feel more confident and empowered in their lives and increase their life enjoyment.

Myriam is available for interviews on podcasts, webinars, and summits on the following subjects:

  • Living a WILD Woman Life

  • Prioritizing Mental Well-Being for Life and Business Success

  • The importance of Art and the WILD Creative Expression process as tools for growth and well-being

  • How Fun, Play and Right Brain Activities help us achieve success

  • Women in the Midlife Transition

  • Moving from Self-Neglect to Self-Prioritization

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