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Sandy Beach

Thanks to Myriam, I now live my life equipped with tools and hard-earned confidence in my ability to love myself and others fully. I have strengthened and fortified my family relationships, decreased stress and improved all aspects of my health.  I learned the importance of working with an experienced, trained professional who knows the science behind unhealthy psychology to direct focus towards patterns and empower you to dare to think differently.


 Myriam is truly gifted, and I wish everyone could have an experience like mine.  It will change your life.

- E.H.

Myriam guided me through the most difficult time of my life, and guided me back to myself with compassion and gentle honesty. We shared, laughed, we cried, we cursed and then we laughed some more.   She helped me believe that I am strong, deserving and capable and that feelings are to be nurtured, not feared.  I owe so much to her."


Working with Myriam is a soul and heart opening experience.  I am working towards becoming who and what I want to be and could only do that with Myriam’s guidance.  She helps me pull the strings from the old carpet and guides me in creating the new tapestry of my life.  I am excited to be working with her in creating my very best life.


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