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WILD Woman Creative Circle
Boldly Growing Through WILD Art


Did you know that throughout history, women have congregated in circles while creating, as a way of:

  • establishing fundamental relationships,

  • fostering a sense of communal belonging,

  • storytelling and experiencing mutual support?


Our individualistic society has created an unsustainable disconnect among women that leaves us feeling isolated and deeply yearning for acknowledgment, connection, and unity.


It’s also created a pattern of women living in their heads and being disconnected with their body wisdom.


It’s time to reclaim women’s circle practices and reignite our creative power!












If you are you a high-achieving woman who is ready to gather in the power of the circle and is:

  • eager to reconnect with her truest self,

  • called to use the WILD art process to help you access the freedom you’re looking for,

  • longing to feel the power of women gathering while creating…

then please join me on:


WILD Woman Creative Circle – Boldly Growing Through WILD Art!

As women, we collectively carry the weight of historical traumas inherited from our foremothers, stemming from the realms of patriarchal oppression, sexism, capitalism, and discrimination. By coming together, we present ourselves with the invaluable gift of mutual support and communal healing, growth, and empowerment.

If you:

  • are eager to elevate your journey of self-discovery to new heights

  • are inspired to harness the transformative potential of the WILD art process

  • are yearning for community and connection with like-minded women…

then please join me on: TBA


This will be a beautiful, soul-filled gathering of women where you will walk away with:

  • A renewed sense of personal power

  • A deeper connection with self

  • A feeling of support and connection with other sisters


The best part? No art skills required. Just an open heart and a readiness to care for yourself in this deep way.







Date to be announced soon!
WILD Woman Creative Circle

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Join me to Boldly Grow Through WILD Art!
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